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Aaron Cornett Uses NLP For Veteran’s To Decrease PTSD Symptoms

Aaron Cornett was the first out of several therapists and medical professionals working for the US military to come to our training, and has successfully implemented the use of NLP into his working with soldiers suffering PTSD. Discover the true power of NLP, when placed in the right hands! Listen to this podcast to find out more about Aaron and the amazing work that he has done. This was from 2011.

Aaron says about NLP: “Time is very important. If you can get the same results, in a quicker about of time. You may as well go with that!” Which is a true testimonial to NLP, working in one of the much challenging fields of therapy humanly possible. Supporting the troops can be a bit more than wearing the T-shirt or the bumper sticker. We want to guide them in to healing and positive change. And take their family members along for the ride.

He reveals that isn’t a college education that got him to a place to be able to do this….it was “just doing it!” That’s really the right spirit, if you don’t know how to do something well, yet. You just start doing it! And it is the best learning place. He talks about how modeling is a way to become really good at your craft, by being able to use NLP to distill how a model of excellence does something .

Aaron explains what the effects of PTSD are on the soldiers, and how it affects their family and their friends. “It’s all about fear, and they are good at it!” They are constantly in a state of arousal.  Instead of getting the soldiers to talk about all their traumatic experiences, reliving it all, he used NLP. NLP is a series of techniques for which reliving the past is not required, it is about re-coding the experience. Which is not about forgetting, but how to process it in the brain, in order for the client t0 dissociate. He says: “If you change the way you think, you will change the way you feel.”

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